Getting in to character

You'll have to forgive me if I suddenly say something on air with a slightly American tweak to my voice.

I'm now entering our last couple of days of Grease rehearsals. Open on Monday night, and it's full on run throughs until then. So each morning I get into Heart, when i'm going to the canteen to get my normal bowl of porridge, i'm there trying to get Vince Fontain out of my head, and get back to being me (oh god, i'm turning into a "luvvie").  Not this 50's rock n roll DJ speak from the musical.   I'm a bit worried I might one day start the show off by saying, "Hey hey, all you crazy kids out there in radio land, start your day the golden way...."  bla bla.  It does get in your head. But my boss wouldn't be happy!

And wait until you see the head gear my "angels" are wearing for Beauty School Drop Out......remember in the film they all have kind of like egg shaped things on their heads? I think? In the show, think giant tubes of lipstick! How the girls can still dance in them without falling over I don't know. They look fabulous!