Grease is the word

I'm going to making my stage debut as Teen Angel in Grease in London's West End! Find out more here...

OMG, only 16 days until i'm on! Just realised how quickly time is flying already this year. Thought last year was bad enough in how quickly it flew past. Still pinching myself that i'm going to be in Grease! It's a film so many of us first watched as young kids, and have seen again and again. You know the songs, the lines, even some of the moves! To be going into the West End musical is a total dream come true. I remember when I was about 8 or 9, seeing the movie and thinking John Travolta as Danny Zuko was a complete dude. So much so, one summer day after school I pinched some of my dad's white Dulux emulsion, and painted "T Birds" on the back of my black Harrington jacket. Thought I was properly one of the gang. Looked a bit of a fool walking into school wearing it the next day! The "only" one wearing it! But that's the impact the film had on people and still does. I'd love to know what your favourite bits are in Grease? What's your favourite song too? Please email me here or add a comment below. (And if you're coming along to the show which I hope you will, let me know beforehand, drop me an email or something. Then I might just name one of my "Angels" after you on the night!).

I'm playing the Teen Angel. "Beauty School Drop Out" la la...such a great part of the show to be in. I feel so lucky to be doing it. Everyone knows that song. And all the inter play between me and the angels during the piece will make you laugh. Wait until you see the suit they're making for me! All very glitzy. The boots as proper spangly stage boots, with a damn good heel on them! Almost slipped off the opening stair case in rehearsals yesterday afternoon. I came close to taking Frenchy out! She's brilliant by the way. One of the new cast starting with me on the 25th January and she plays the part beautifully. Noel Sullivan is a very popular Danny and Siobahn who's going to play Sandy is stunning, and such a cool singer. There's a really exciting vibe throughout the whole cast. We can't wait to get on and do it. I really hope you can get along.  It's at the Piccadilly Theatre in London's West End, from 25th January. And i'd say this whether I was in it or not, but there just isn't a more feel good musical. Look forward to seeing you there...somewhere in the audience!
TA ( Toby Anstis/Teen Angel)