My taxing afternoon

OMG! I have never had such a stressful afternoon. Which I could have done without as I'm off to the theatre shortly, and need to be calm and collected before our next round of Grease.

So anyway, and sorry if I start to gabble but kind of need to get this off my chest. Straight to the point, my car tax ran out a couple of weeks ago. But the car has been parked up in a permit bay, which I have paid for. As I'm just not using the car right now, I thought it would be ok to leave it there a few more days until I have time to get to the post office to get a new tax disc. Well, earlier I got a text from a neighbour of mine saying my car had just been towed away! WHAT??!!  Invalid tax disc, fair enough, but didn't think it would come to this. How naive of me! So, rang around for half an hour to find out where the damn car had been taken. The police didn't know. Eventually discovered it had gone to the local car pound. Great! £260 to get back, or £100 with a current tax disc. Ran to the post office, got the tax, and had to get a taxi to the car pound, only to be told I also needed my driving license! Think my blood pressure must have gone up 10 fold!! Went home, got that, fine. Finally got back there, and got my Mini back. Lesson learnt I think!
Hope you have a far less stressful day!