Sparks fly....

What a nightmare! Just had a right old kafuffle with my bike padlock.

To be fair, it's been left outside in the rain and snow for the last few weeks so it was bound to go rusty at some point, and it has. And the its been getting harder to turn the key in the lock. Well, it won't any more, as it just broke off in the lock!! Snapped off!

Consequently couldn't get the lock from around the bike, and away from the bracket on my house wall.

What next...........the bike would be stuck there, and me as well, not being able to get anywhere.

So, only one thing for it, had to find a tool hire shop and get something to cut it off, or saw it off. Funny, as I don't have a clue about this sort of thing. Asked the guy what he recommended. Suggested the only thing to do it would be an angle grinder.

I'm like, what's that when its at home?? A proper heavy weight tool, comes with its own power converter, and goggles. Had to get it. Never used anything like it in my life!

Got it home, and a few minutes ago, there I was outisde my house with this big cutter thing, grinding through my dam padlock, with sparks flying everywhere!

All very dramatic down my street. Had people twitching their curtains and everything. Managed to do it, and felt quite satisfied. Good fun ripping through that D lock. Like a scene out of Brainiac on the telly.
But what a polava, just to get the lock off. Cost me £14 to use that grinder thing for 2 minutes!
Now back in the warm getting ready to go off to the theatre for Monday night's Grease. Warming up the vocal cords. More about Grease in the blog later on this week! (with piccies of the cast!)