Whistle while you work...no!

Really surprised myself last night!

I was at home doing some stuff on my lap top listening to Simon Dale on Heart, Beyonce "Single Ladies" came on and I suddenly started whistling! Then stopped myself, then smiled and started again.

Only whistling I know, BUT, for the last 8 weeks doing Grease, i,ve had to put myself on a self imposed whistling ban because it's bad luck to whistle back stage at a theatre.

One of those old traditions, but I tell you what, they still take it very seriously as i found out very early on in the run when i started  whistling away as i was getting my quiff fitted. Just at that point, the main man up there Martin said, "stop, it's bad luck!"

Apparently, it's all to do with when sailors would whistle to get a sail down. Then back stage in the wings of a theatre if you whistled, someone might drop the fly curtain in and take you out.....or something like that. So you'd keep quiet in the wings.

I'd kind of heard that, but didn't realise it applied to everywhere back stage in a theatre?!

So, I haven't whistled for 8 weeks! What a relief last night! Phew!