Who were the Beatles?

Got to confess I've never been a big fan of The Beatles.

I know, shoot me down, it feels almost illegal to say that in this country - national treaures and all that (feel a bit like someone who emailed me recently to admit they'd never seen the film 'Grease'. What?!).

But I guess I just never listened to much of their stuff as I was growing up. And never got to know much about them. Except that they were from Liverpool, had more screaming fans than Take That and ruled the charts for a very long time in the 60's. Legends.

Then this week I keep seeing programmes on TV about them, and I've pretty much overnight become a huge fan (better late than never!). A brilliant documentary about their various albums and how they wrote music together. Their feelings about the band and what was happening around them. It was an education.

Like getting to know a new band, and it's really exciting, even if it is 40 or so years after the event. Didn't realise they'd written so many songs. It's not like I've never heard of anything they'e done. Everyone's heard of 'Hey Jude' and 'Ticket To Ride' etc but it was a revelation to appreciate how prolific they were.

Look forward to buying this new box set with the whole lot on there. Well, got a lot to catch up on! Long live The Beatles.
PS. What happened to Julian Lennon? Heard someone playing 'Too Late For Goodbyes' recently.


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