The year ahead

Happy New Year! Slightly belated I know, as is this blog. Can't believe I left it so long?

I guess you can blame Twitter and Facebook for that. Kind of become a bit of an FB addict, and so I kind of forgot about blogging for a bit. And what better time than at the start of a fresh new year. Hope this one goes a little bit more slowly than that 2010 malarky! How fast did it go?! Mad.

It was weird because just before Christmas, we were sat indoors and heard carol singers in the street outside. And I remember thinking "thats weird", i'm sure they were only here a couple of weeks ago. But hey couldn't of been. That was nearer Bonfire night than Christmas. So it must of been the December before, a whole year before! Crazy times.

And now, a year of Royal weddings and short lived new year resolutions, maybe? I'm thinking of the the newbies at the gym who won't last the month. The smokers who lose the will power (don't! Stick at it! I did 12 years ago, never had a puff since. Feel sooo much better for it every day since quitting). My resolution is to buy a drill. Yep, dull I know, but haven't drilled a hole since woodwork class at school (going back a bit!). And there are things that need doing and putting up around the house. Without some drilling, the floating shelves and the pictures in the cupboard under the stairs will never go up. Got to do it. So it's a trip to B&Q for me at the weekend.

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Have a good one.