You learn something new everyday

The funniest thing last night (well i laughed anyway).....

We'd just finished dinner, clearing everything away. I was just putting the dish washer tablet in the little pop up thing you put it in. One of those tablets wrapped really tightly in plastic, which you leave on, and my girlfriend said " Hang on, you haven't taken the plastic off?  (cue laughing out loud!!)  She said "I can't believe I've been getting all stressed out trying to unwrap those things with a knife! For years!"
Not quite sure why they do wrap them in that plastic film? To keep them fresh maybe?
She did kind of get me back later when she showed me a new quicker way of putting the duvet cover on, which as I've said before has always been the bain of my life. And she laughed at my incompetence. Quite right. I am useless at those kind of things. Just get fed up really quickly. Oh, and also, not sure if i mentioned this, but last week i baked a potato with the Maris Piper sticker still on it! Doh!!!