Vogue Williams 'nearly died' after breast milk started leaking during swimming lesson

25 August 2020, 08:56 | Updated: 25 August 2020, 10:31

Vogue revealed the hilarious tale on hers and Spencer's podcast
Vogue revealed the hilarious tale on hers and Spencer's podcast. Picture: Instagram
Mared Parry

By Mared Parry

The presenter revealed to husband Spencer that she had an awkward incident in the pool.

Vogue Williams has proven she is just like the rest of us and that embarrassing moments happen to us all, after she was faced with a hilarious accident while her son had a swimming lesson.

The Heart presenter, 34, recently welcomed daughter Gigi into the world with husband Spencer Matthews, and the pair have been opening up about family life on their new podcast, Spencer and Vogue.

The first episode, which is out on August 25, sees Vogue explain a hilarious tale to her hubby that left him in stitches.

Vogue explained: "I got in the pool today with Theodore", to which Spencer playfully mocks her Irish pronunciation of 'pool'.

She added that their son Theodore, 23 months,' swim teacher is a man, which added to the embarrassment of what was to come.

Then came the kicker: "My milk started pouring everywhere, down my leg through my swimsuit!"

"I nearly died", she added, and admitted that the first thing she did as a reaction to the embarrassing moment was: "I flung myself straight into the pool".

Spencer quipped back: "See, I'd never have to worry about that!"

Fortunately, the podcast was only audio-recorded as he then stated: "Did you just pull down your top and show me your enormous breast?!"

Spencer and Vogue recording their podcast at home
Spencer and Vogue recording their podcast at home. Picture: Heart

Vogue has been taking Theodore for regular swimming lessons for a while now, and has revealed on her instagram that he's been on a swimming "crash course".

The star wrote in the caption of an Instagram snap of the both of them swimming: "I can’t wait until T learns to swim properly.

"We had a bit of a scary moment around a pool not long who and it’s really made me want him to be water safe as soon as possible.

"His confidence has grown with every lesson. I put him in a crash course and then he will start his regular lessons again come September.

"I also have zero tips as how I got him to wear the goggles, we’ve had them floating in the bath for months and he wouldn’t touch them before Monday!"

The 'Spencer & Vogue' podcast is out every Tuesday.

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