9 Signs A Grinch Is Out To Ruin Your Christmas!

It's meant to be the 'most wonderful time of the year' but not everyone is full of festive cheer. Whether it's a stingy boss unwilling to pay for the office party or a school whose axed the budget for the Nativity play - there's always one scrooge who seems intent on ruining the fun. But our Heart listeners won't be letting anyone dampen their Christmas spirit!

1. Your boss' way of explaining that you'll be working Christmas morning - Louisa


2. The realisation you'll miss your work Christmas party because of an unchangeable hospital appointment - Jenny


3. When your daughter's school tells you they're not putting on a nativity play this year - Carol


4. When your boss emails to make sure Christmas lunches last exactly one hour and no drinks are being expensed - Alex 


5. When someone in the coffee queue gets mad because the Barista asks them to try the Christmas Blend - Veronica 


6. When your boss reminds you there are to be "No Christmas decorations in the office" due to Health and Safety - Sophia


7. Going Christmas shopping and getting a parking ticket for being TWO MINUTES over time - Matt, Wandsworth


8. Getting turned down for a mortgage ahead of Christmas - Claire and Michael


9. Getting a note from the neighbours complaining about parking in the street - Fiona