100 Organisations Back Tobacco-Free Scotland Initiative

25 November 2016, 05:22

One hundred organisations have pledged support for a national bid to make Scotland tobacco-free.

Ash Scotland has developed the initiative through Scotland's Charter For A Tobacco-free Generation by 2034.

The charter is aimed at organisations whose work directly or indirectly impacts on children, young people and families.

LinkLiving, a not-for-profit organisation and one of Scotland's leading social care providers, was the 100th organisation to declare support for the charter.

In signing up to the initiative, organisations are committing to providing their staff with training to help their service users make their homes smoke-free and recognise the benefits of quitting smoking.

Sarah Smith, director of LinkLiving, said: ''We would like to do more to help our staff and the people we support to make positive choices in relation to tobacco and by signing the charter we've committed to doing just that.

''As well as promoting the health benefits of quitting, we will also be helping the people we support to make better use of limited financial resources.

''By supporting them to stop smoking, we'll be putting more money in the pockets of the people and communities that need it most.''

Sheila Duffy, chief executive of Ash Scotland, said: ''Ash Scotland launched Scotland's Charter For A Tobacco-free generation to help raise awareness of and deliver the worthwhile vision for putting smoking out of fashion for the next generation.

''In its first year, the response to the charter has been excellent.

''We now have over 100 organisations signed up to the charter, and it is proving an effective way to bring people together and motivate organisations in the fight against tobacco and the harmful effects it has on children and young people.''