Attempted Murder Victim Still 'Serious' In Hospital

8 January 2016, 15:45

A fresh appeal has been made for information regarding a "random'' stabbing of a man on New Year's day.

The attack happened at about 5.30am in Onslow Road, near the railway bridge at Drumry Railway Station, Clydebank, where the victim was set upon by two men and stabbed a number of times, police said.

The 40-year-old victim is still being treated at Queen Elizabeth University Hospital where his injuries are described as life-threatening. The attack is being treated as attempted murder.

Detectives investigating the case are keen to hear from a couple who spoke to the victim moments before the attack and who they believe have vital information concerning the suspects.

Detective Inspector Scott Hamilton said: "We have been making significant enquiries in the area following the attack and are aware that the injured man spoke to a couple, a man and a woman, as he passed them prior to the railway bridge moments before the attack.

"She is described as white, about 18 to 21 years, 5ft 6 to 5ft 7, has dyed auburn hair and was wearing a black jacket. The man is white and thought to be about 23 years of age, 5ft10 to 6ft, medium build, wearing jeans and a grey jumper.

"It is essential that either of the couple, or both, contact police as there is no doubt they have information that will help us identify those responsible for the attack.

"Although it appears that this was a random attack, I believe that the suspects are local and that someone local will know who did this.

"The injured man is still in hospital - each of his injuries were described by medical staff as life-threatening - this could very easily have been a murder - but thankfully it isn't.''

One of the suspects is described as male, white, 6ft to 6ft 1 in height, 20 to 23 years of age, very slim build, clean shaven and had short brown hair in a crew cut style. He was wearing a grey jumper which was possibly a hoodie. The second man is not described at this time.