Black Friday spending may be down this year, survey suggests

24 November 2017, 07:16 | Updated: 24 November 2017, 07:19

edinburgh shoppers

Scottish shoppers are being put off spending as much this Black Friday because it falls too early, according to a survey.

Scots will spend an estimated £181 compared with £187.55 in 2016 - although this is higher than the £57.73 average in 2015.

Those behind the survey claim it could be down to the day of the global sales spree coming before some people get paid.

Claire Reid, head of assurance at PwC in Scotland, said: "One issue for Black Friday this year is that it does fall comparatively early this year, before pay day for many consumers.

"This may present a cashflow issue for some shoppers and could result in slightly more muted growth.

"This may also explain why the amount Scots want to spend is down a little on last year. Next year's figures will show better if this is the start of a trend and Scots are no longer bothering with the perceived early bargains."

The survey suggests 74% of spending will be carried out online - with only 18% intending to purchase in stores.

The vast majority of items purchased will be for the shopper themselves and not gifts for others.

Only a fifth of items purchased will be for other people.

Adult clothing and beauty products are among the main items consumers intend to buy.

Mark Addley, head of restructuring for PwC in Scotland, said: "Black Friday is not yet threatening the Christmas shopping period, with our survey showing the majority of purchases made over the weekend will not be gifts.

"Therefore, the first few weeks of Christmas shopping in December will still be vital for retailers, who will need to carefully manage their stock availability, IT systems and delivery infrastructure to deal with both shopping periods.

"Where we may see more of an issue for retailers is in the post-Christmas sales.

"Black Friday does have the potential to cannibalise the January sales, a shopping period more traditionally used by consumers to buy items for themselves - something shoppers may now be bringing forward to November."