Boris Johnson Greeted By Angry Crowd

24 June 2016, 11:10 | Updated: 24 June 2016, 11:12

An angry crowd labelled Boris Johnson 'scum' as he emerged from his London home following the Leave vote.

The prominent Brexiteer was heckled on his way to the Vote Leave headquarters.

Mr Johnson said nothing to the dozens of journalists waiting outside his home when he finally left, flanked by several police officers who escorted him to a waiting car.

His vehicle was halted for around five minutes and police officers, who had been guarding his home, were nowhere to be seen.

The crowd taunted him with shouts of 'where are you going, Boris?' and 'scum!' and hurled other profanities as his car was trapped in front of a green light, unable to move.

One man yelled: ''The pound is down, what do you say about that? Is it going to be all right, Boris? Is the UK going to be all right, Boris? Are we going to be all right, mate? Come on, man up.''

Although the crowds had Mr Johnson's car stuck in the road, they did not appear to approach it.

Officers eventually arrived at the junction around 200 metres from his house, where they had been controlling a media scrum and crowds of onlookers.

There were cries of 'shame' as the car, with tinted windows, was eventually freed and moved off.

Mr Johnson eventually arrived at Leave headquarters on the Embankment at around 10am but swept in through a back entrance, avoiding dozens of press reporters, photographers and video journalists who had been braced to expect his arrival at the front of the building.