Burst-Tyre Ryanair Flight Turns Back

30 January 2015, 15:24 | Updated: 30 January 2015, 15:31

A Ryanair flight was forced to land moments after taking off when one of the aircraft's tyres burst.

The 8.05am flight from Edinburgh to Dublin immediately returned to the Scottish airport because of the problem with the wheel.

It landed safely and taxied to a remote part of the airport to be checked over by an engineer, sent from Ryanair's base at Prestwick Airport about 70 miles away in South Ayrshire.

The airport said one of the wheels was punctured and the pilot decided to return to Edinburgh to prevent any problems when landing in Dublin.

Some passengers tweeted from the airport after the flight was delayed.

Rami Okasha said: "On a Ryanair plane stuck at Edinburgh. Unfortunately a tyre exploded on takeoff and we had to land again rather suddenly. All well.''

Other passengers complained about the delay to the flight and a shortage of vouchers to cover lunch costs.

Jenny Duncan: "Idly wondering if we will get another voucher from Ryanair as I have spent my 3.50 and it's now lunchtime.''

A Ryanair spokeswoman described the incident as a "precautionary air turn back'' and said no emergency was declared.

She added: "A flight from Edinburgh to Dublin today suffered a burst tyre on take-off from Edinburgh Airport.

"The aircraft returned to Edinburgh and landed normally, and customers disembarked and were provided with refreshment vouchers.

"A Ryanair engineer was sent from Prestwick to replace the tyre and the aircraft will depart for Dublin shortly.

"Ryanair sincerely apologised to all those affected by the delay to their journey.''