Cameron: Brexit Could Lead To UK 'Disintegration'

9 May 2016, 11:30

Quitting the European Union could lead to the "disintegration'' of the United Kingdom, David Cameron has warned.

Noting the UK was in a voluntary union of four nations, the Prime Minister urged voters to go to the ballot box with their "eyes open''.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has said there will be an ''almost certain'' drive for another independence referendum north of the border if Scotland votes to stay in the EU but England votes to leave.

All of Scotland's major parties are firmly in the Remain camp and support among voters wanting to stay in outnumbers Leave by around two to one.

During a speech at the British Museum setting out the case for Britain remaining part of the bloc, Mr Cameron warned that Brexit could fuel a fresh push for Scottish independence.

He said: "Let me just say this about Scotland - you don't renew your country by taking a decision that could ultimately lead to its disintegration. So, as we weigh up this decision, let us do so with our eyes open.''