Claims SNP 'Ignoring Inequalities'

The SNP are "ignoring'' the inequalities that exist within Scotland, a leading Labour politician will claim.

Shadow Scottish secretary Margaret Curran will use a speech in Glasgow this morning to insist that more could be done to make Scotland "fairer and more equal''.

But she will add that the best way to achieve this is "not with the blunt tools the SNP proposes using with separation''.

Ms Curran is calling for a new debate to take place in Scotland on the issue of inequality, arguing this should happen before the September 18 independence referendum.

She will state that the nationalists are "wrong'' to claim that the "biggest inequalities that Scotland faces are the ones that exist between Scotland and the rest of the UK''.

The Labour MP will also claim that the SNP "obsession'' with independence means the party only focuses on the differences between Scotland and England.

"The SNP want to say that the only gap in inequality that matters is between Scotland and the rest of the UK,'' Ms Curran will state

"But I want to say this morning that the SNP are ignoring the inequalities that exist inside Scotland and aren't taking the necessary action to tackle them.''

She will argue that "there is much more that could be done in Scotland to make our country fairer and more equal''.

Ms Curran will add: "The best way to tackle inequality isn't with the blunt tools the SNP proposes using with separation.

"It is with taking advantage of the great wealth that exists inside the UK and making sure it gets to the places and people who need it.

"And making sure that opportunities are fairly spread across our country, and government does all it can to make that happen.

"Today, that's where I want to argue that the solution for Scotland lies. Not with the blunt tools that come with separation, but with the great strength that being part of the UK, with devolution, brings.

"There is a failure of logic that says that the best way to solve the problem of an uneven economy, and to increase our prosperity, is to cut ourselves off from the richest part.''