Edinburgh Most Lucrative For Student Lets

12 September 2015, 07:09 | Updated: 12 September 2015, 07:12

Landlords make more money off students in Edinburgh than anywhere else in the UK, new research has found.

In fact four of the top five most lucrative locations can be found in Scotland, with Coventry the top English spot in second.

Property site Zoopla looked at where investors can get the best return from buying up properties near universities and letting them out to students.

In Edinburgh, buy-to-let investors can expect a rental yield of 6.11% for doing so, while in Coventry it is 6.03%. Aberdeen is the third most profitable at 5.66%.

But while renting to students in Scotland is proving a veritable goldmine, the same is not true in the North of England.

Renting to students in Middlesbrough would mean a yield of just 1.47%, less than a quarter as profitable as Edinburgh.

Similarly investors in Lancaster will have to make do with a 1.87% yield, while in Lincoln it is 2.14%.

Lawrence Hall of Zoopla commented: ''Scottish university cities are currently offering fantastic returns for UK landlords.

''Many Scottish universities are now internationally renowned, with thriving undergraduate and graduate environments. This means demand for rental accommodation in university areas is very high, as throngs of students compete to live near their campuses.

''Combined with Scottish house prices still remaining relatively low, this equates to excellent yields.''

Below are the top 10 most profitable locations to let to students, including how much it costs to rent a typical four-bed home and the percentage yield an investor can expect to pocket.

1. Edinburgh - £2,171 - 6.11%

2. Coventry - £1,780- 6.03%

3. Aberdeen - £1,912 - 5.66%

4. Dundee - £1,029 - 5.11%

5. Glasgow - £1,187 - 5.07%

6. Warwick - £1,924 - 4.78%

7. Chichester - £1,891 - 4.73%

8. Oxford - £2,148 - 4.61%

9. Bolton - £1,140 - 4.58%

10. Wrexham - £1,043 - 4.53%