EIS Manifesto Issues Education Funding Call

Scotland's largest teaching union is calling for increased funding for education in a new manifesto ahead of of the Scottish Parliament election.

The Educational Institute of Scotland (EIS) has published the Standing Up for Scottish Education manifesto setting out campaign issues and calling on political parties to commit to protecting and promoting the country's education.

Key demands include a legal entitlement to nursery education for young children, reduced class sizes, no return to school league tables and a fairer pay deal for teachers and lecturers.

The manifesto also calls for the ring-fencing of education service funding in a rejection of austerity cuts and for Scotland's comprehensive system to be protected against "ideological attacks'' on state-run schools.

The union is not party-affiliated, so no calls are made to encourage members to vote for a specific party.

EIS general secretary Larry Flanagan said, "As we move closer to the Scottish Parliament election on the 5th of May, education seems to be high on the list of priorities for Scotland's political parties.

"The EIS welcomes this focus on education and the fact that each of Scotland's main political parties has publicly acknowledged the need to enhance the support available to education.

"The EIS has published its manifesto to contribute to the debate around how best to support and protect Scottish education.

"We will be sharing our manifesto and our priorities with all political parties, and seeking their views and commitments on how they will enhance Scottish education and increase its levels of funding in the years ahead.''