Ex Glasgow Theatre 'Sex Pest' Exposed

26 August 2015, 14:44 | Updated: 26 August 2015, 14:45

A TOP theatre was rocked after a worker was exposed as a serial sex pest who targeted 14 men and women.

Christopher Neville (29) was held after the allegations emerged against the 29 year-old in August last year.
Bosses at Glasgow's King's Theatre were shocked to discover he had carried out a number of sex attacks and sent naked selfies to people online.
It lead to shamed Neville appearing in the dock at Glasgow Sheriff Court.
He pled guilty to a total of 23 charges – including sexual assault and sending nude pictures to others.
But, Neville was spared jail after a sheriff instead ordered him to carry out 240 hours of unpaid work.
The pervert was also slapped him with a 12 -month restriction of liberty order meaning he must stay at home each night between 7pm and 7am.
Neville wept in the dock as fiscal Scot Dignan told how he humiliated a string of men and women between 2010 and 2014.
It began when Neville – who worked front of house at the King's – groped a 25 year-old on her bum in Glasgow.
She screamed: “What the hell was that?”. However, the court heard, Neville simply shrugged off what happened..
He later sent her nude photos of himself which she described as a “sexual assault on her person”.
Neville then molested a 28 year-old man, who was left “exceptionally angry” as his attacker laughed at him.
In early 2013, a 22 year-old woman accepted a Facebook friends request from Neville.
She was then sent a lewd message commenting on her “a***” and “t***”.
Two more females – aged 44 and 27 – were so shocked by what they were later sent, they reckoned Neville's Facebook had been hacked.
One was left “dirty and humiliated” by a vile message while the other was disgusted when Neville posted a nude pic of himself to her.
He next sent another woman – aged 30 – naked photos claiming: “I want to f*** you”.
He contacted a 28 year-old woman and then posted a nude image to a 32 year-old man.
Neville then targeted a 27 year-old woman before turning to a 25 year-old female.
She got a message “out of the blue” in which Neville also asked for sex.
Neville went on to sexually assault a man at a party in Edinburgh in June last year.
But, he soon returned to Facebook when he sent a 22 year-old woman a depraved message.
A 36 year-old female was his next victim. Neville told her online how he wanted to “spank” her.
Despite going into even more graphic detail, he then added: “I don't want to make you feel awkward.”
A 32 year-old woman was the final person targeted when Neville again sent naked images of himself.
Fiscal Mr Dignan told the court that Neville's conduct involved “vulgar and explicit language”.
It was not until the summer of last year that the full scale of what Neville had done emerged.
This came after victims learned how each other had been targeted. Some had also taken screenshots of what they had been sent as proof.
Management at the King's eventually quizzed Neville about the allegations.
Police soon raided Neville's flat in the city's North Kelvinside seizing his laptop and other media devices.
But, he later made no comment when quizzed by officers. Neville no longer works at the theatre.
Neville had also been accused of sending sexual images or remarks to six other females, but his not guilty pleas were accepted.
Sheriff Bill Totten placed him on the sex offenders list. Neville will also be supervised for the next three years.