Exam Paper Change For Teachers 'Could Cause Pupils More Stress'

3 May 2017, 13:54

Education Institute Scotland

Preventing teachers from seeing exam papers soon after pupils have sat the tests is not in the interests of youngsters and could cause greater stress, union chiefs have warned.

The EIS teaching union has hit out at the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA), saying the changes mean teachers will not be able to provide immediate feedback to youngsters after their exams.

Teachers will not be able to view papers until the day after the exams, according to the union, and it called on the SQA to ''show greater trust'' in the teaching profession.

The row erupted as thousands of students at schools across Scotland are preparing for and sitting National and Higher exams.

EIS general secretary Larry Flanagan branded the move ''disappointing'' and accused the SQA of ''apparently putting the management of its own public image ahead of the desire of pupils to discuss exam papers with their teachers''.

He said: ''It is very important for pupils, following the often stressful experience of an exam, to have the opportunity to discuss the paper with their teachers and to receive feedback while the experience is fresh in their mind. This then allows pupils to put that exam behind them, and free them up to mentally prepare for their next exam.

''It is not in the interest of pupils to prolong this process unnecessarily, as this can lead to increased worry and stress on the part of the young people concerned.

''The SQA should rethink this policy, show greater trust in the teaching profession and support teachers in continuing to put the interests of pupils first.

''Some teachers will be suspicious that this new policy is simply a case of the SQA trying to avoid scrutiny of its own standards.''