EXCL: 65% Of Patients Contact NHS After HepC Scaree

14 March 2016, 09:26 | Updated: 14 March 2016, 09:34

HEART can reveal 65% of patients have come forward for Hepatitis C tests after being treated by a former NHS Lanarkshire worker who tested positive.

The health board put out an alert to 8500 people almost 3 weeks ago.

NHS Lanarkshire bosses tell us almost 5400 patients have made contact with them after it was revealed the doctor, who worked primarily at Wishaw General, had treated more than 8000 people.

Everyone was being written to by the health board and being advised to have tests for the blood-borne virus at dedicated clinics.

Hep C is a virus that attacks the liver but people can carry it for years without knowing because symptoms don’t become obvious until it has caused serious damage.

The concern is that there are more than 3000 patients still out there across the country who've not been in contact with Lanarkshire health bosses and could still be at risk of infection.