EXCLUSIVE: Striking Glasgow City Council Workers 'Get 30% Pay Hike'

4 November 2016, 05:00

Heart can exclusively reveal CCTV workers - going on strike in Glasgow - are being handed a 30% pay rise.

The city council's giving out thousands of pounds to staff who are walking out in a row over pay this weekend.

The data shows some CCTV staff have already been given a 24 per cent increase - rising to 30 per cent by this time next year.

Community Safety Glasgow teams say the authority is trying to pay them less than other civil servants.

Our reporter Connor Gillies has been speaking to council leader Frank McAveety


A UNISON spokesperson said: "Most shift workers in CSG have had poor or no shift payments for years. The council can't just wish that away by giving them something now without a comparison to the rest of the council. The increases in core pay in no way compensate for the lower shift payments compared to all other council workers.

"The shift payment for a CCTV worker if they were employed by the council would be 50% higher. A community paypack worker's payment would be 100% more."