Footballer's Fiance Cleared Of Assault

5 May 2015, 17:40

Football WAG Leah Shevlin has been cleared of an assault charge by a sheriff who branded her "arrogant and rude".

The 32-year-old mum-of-one was on trial at Glasgow Sheriff Court for allegedly hitting traffic warden Isabell Sinclair with her luxury 4x4 Mercedes on February 1, 2013.

Miss Sinclair claimed she told Shevlin to move her car because she was parked on a double yellow line on Mitchell Street, Glasgow.

She said Shevlin - the fiance of Scotland goalie Allan McGregor - did not move immediately, and only after getting an item from a nearby shop, got in her car and assaulted her with it.

Miss Sinclair told the court: "I’m not saying she was intending to kill me, the car came towards me and hit me."

But, after a trial yesterday sheriff Kenneth Hogg cleared Shevlin of an assault and of the alternative charge of dangerous driving.

He told the court: "I think there is absolutely no doubt doubt that the lady driving in this particular case drove in a fashion which was both arrogant and rude."

Finding her not guilty the sheriff told Shevlin a driving licence "is not a right, it is a privilege" and told her "you are very fortunate today".

Miss Sinclair, 50, told how Shevlin was asked to move because she was parked on a double yellow line and blocking the turning point in the road.

She told how Shevlin said her daughter was "hysterical" and was stalling for time by being on her phone.

It was heard that someone came out of a nearby sewing shop and handed an item to Shevlin.

The court was told Miss Sinclair’s colleague Julie MacDonald went over to give Shevlin a ticket.

Miss Sinclair said she then went to speak to a man who was unable to turn in the road because of the Mercedes.

The traffic warden claimed that while speaking to the gentleman at the window of his van "she (Shevlin) had got in the car and was driving towards me, the wing mirror hit my shoulder".

CCTV footage of the alleged assault was played but contact with Miss Sinclair’s shoulder was not seen.

Defence solicitor advocate Liam O’Donnell asked Miss Sinclair: "On the camera that you had on you, do you see the car hitting you?"

The witness replied: "No, you don't."

Shevlin hugged her friend outside court after the result but made no comment.