Former Labour MP Backs SNP

6 May 2015, 15:37

A former Labour MP has endorsed the SNP ahead of tomorrow's General Election vote.

Dennis Canavan, who chaired Yes Scotland's Advisory Board for the independence referendum, said people should choose the nationalists because the unionist parties "are completely out of touch with the people of Scotland".

Mr Canavan, who was a Labour MP for Falkirk before becoming an independent, said: "Many traditional Labour voters have been sickened by the sight of Labour in bed with the Tories, and not just during the referendum campaign.

"Labour is also in cahoots with the Tories by supporting the benefit cap and more savage cuts in essential services while spending billions of pounds on weapons of mass destruction like Trident.

"Although I do not endorse every aspect of SNP policy, I am asking people to vote SNP in this General Election because all the unionist parties have lost the plot and are completely out of touch with the people of Scotland."

Doug Maughan, Labour candidate for Perth and North Perthshire in the 2005 Westminster election, and for Perth in the 2007 Scottish Parliament election, has also backed the SNP.

He is the third former Labour parliamentary candidate to announce their support for the party during the campaign.

The SNP has also welcomed the endorsement of Scottish actor and comedian Greg Hemphill.

He said: "I'm supporting Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP because that is the best way to protect Scotland in this election.

"A strong Scottish voice in Westminster is vital to get rid of the Tories and stop the cuts which are destroying public services and forcing folk into poverty."