Frank McAveety New Glasgow City Council Leader

9 September 2015, 18:59 | Updated: 9 September 2015, 19:07

A former MSP and Scottish Executive minister is set to become the new leader of Glasgow City Council.

Frank McAveety will succeed Gordon Matheson, who announced last month that he will step down tomorrow.

Mr McAveety was selected as leader of the Labour group at a meeting today.

He is set to become leader at the full council meeting tomorrow, when Mr Matheson will formally stand down.

Mr McAveety, councillor for the Shettleston ward, said: ''There is nothing prouder than being given the opportunity to lead my home city.

''At all times, I will be pressing the case for what's best for Glasgow.

''The city has given me everything in life and I will work tirelessly for the benefit of its people.

''The council's focus will continue to be on education and job creation. We will attempt to be a shield for the vulnerable and the creator of opportunity for all.''

Mr McAveety was previously leader of Glasgow City Council from 1997 to 1999 when he was elected to the Scottish Parliament.

He held the Glasgow Shettleston seat until Labour lost it to the SNP in 2011 and was tourism minister for a time.

Susan Aitken, SNP leader of the opposition at Glasgow City Council, said: ''Congratulations to Frank on becoming leader of Glasgow Labour for the second time in twenty years.

''It is a mark of Labour's fall in Glasgow that they have elected as leader a politician rejected by the people of Shettleston in 2011.

''We know, because he has been selected to stand again in that constituency, that leading the city is Frank's second choice, at best. Glasgow deserves better than that.''