Fund To Help Groups Plan For Brexit

9 May 2018, 09:11


A new fund has been announced to help community groups and charities plan for Brexit.

The Scottish Government is making £150,000 of grants available to support organisations evaluate the impact of leaving the European Union and make any concerns heard.

The fund was launched by Scotland's Brexit Minister Mike Russell on Europe Day.

He said: "As I meet with organisations throughout Scotland, one thing I hear time and again is that while they are worried about Brexit, pressure on resources means they simply don't have the capacity to plan for it.

"This new fund is about ensuring the full range of voices can be heard, not just those with specialist staff and big budgets. So I want this fund to be a Megaphone for under-represented groups across the country.

"Many community organisations are led by ordinary people doing extraordinary things. We need to hear their views and, given the huge uncertainty that Brexit is causing, do all we can to help them prepare.

"There are obvious risks around funding, staffing and future opportunities so it is important that we fully understand these concerns and what can be done to help."