Games Medallists Back At Village

21 July 2015, 14:14 | Updated: 21 July 2015, 14:20

Two of Scotland's gold medal-winning Commonwealth Games stars have returned to the athletes' village to unveil a plaque a year on from Glasgow 2014.

Judo players Kimberley and Louise Renicks unveiled a gold plaque marking their Games success at the end of Auckland Wynd, where they lived for two weeks last summer.

Since the 6,500 athletes and officials left the village, it has been refurbished, with 400 socially-rented homes now occupied and 230 of the 300 private homes sold or reserved.

It was built by City Legacy, a consortium of Glasgow companies Mactaggart & Mickel, Cruden and WH Malcolm. A consultation on plans for 200 more homes to the south of the site has just finished.

The Renicks sisters have fond memories of living in the village and said they would love to be starting the experience all over again.

Kimberley said: "It was exactly this time last year that we walked into the village, the sun was scorching and everyone was running in to find out where they were staying and to grab the best beds.

"We had a wee fight over that and I managed to get the one closest to the window because it was just so warm.

"Out the back of the street everyone would bring out beanbags and sit in the garden, and you had all the sports mingling.

"There was a football going about and the hockey people had a ball and were using the hockey sticks to play rounders, it was just a great atmosphere.''

Louise, who has since retired from judo and will focus on coaching her sister, also enjoyed her stay but was confused by the similar look of the houses.

She said: "We were in the third street from the top but one night when I came back I actually went down the second street and walked into the wrong house thinking it was ours.

"I walked right into the bedroom and there were two coaches fast asleep and that's when I realised I was in the wrong place. I tip-toed out and sprinted down the road thinking 'oh my god'.

"You're always told to lock your doors at home but here everything was open and people were just coming and going, it was like the olden days but it was really, really nice.''

City Legacy said there has been great interest in the properties, with many people hoping to move into a house used by one of the stars of the Games.

Derek and Michelle Reid moved in to the village in April with their young son Jude.

Mr Reid said: "I think everyone wants to know if Usain Bolt was staying in their house but they don't tell you exactly who was staying in each house, but our street has a nice plaque saying it was the Team England area, so it's cool to know that at least.''