Glasgow Named Least Affordable UK City For Students

19 July 2017, 07:10


Glasgow is the least-affordable city in the UK for students while Aberdeen is among the most cost-effective, a new study has suggested.

The Royal Bank of Scotland student living index found students in Glasgow had the lowest term-time income at £786.60 a month despite working above the average number of hours in part-time jobs.

Students in the city also paid above average household bills and received the lowest amount of bursaries and scholarships in Scotland, but had the highest spend of all Scottish students on going out.

The survey of almost 3,500 students across the UK found Aberdeen was the second most-affordable student city after Cardiff.

Aberdeen students had the highest overall term-time income at £1,583.80 per month and received the most in the UK from term-time work at £220 a month, more than double the UK average of £97.

Students in Stirling spent the most on fashion in the UK while Dundee students spent the most on household bills at £30 more than the UK average of £43 a month.

Students in Edinburgh spent the least in Scotland on going out at £19.90 per month compared to the UK average of £25.10.