Honorary Degree For Former PM

29 April 2015, 08:04 | Updated: 29 April 2015, 08:07

Former prime minister Gordon Brown will receive an honorary degree from Glasgow University today.

Mr Brown will be made a doctor of the institution - the fourth-oldest university in the UK - in recognition of his contribution to public life.

The former Labour leader, who is stepping down from politics at the upcoming General Election, will receive the accolade after delivering a public lecture at the university.

Alex Salmond was recognised with the same award last week while the likes of Donald Dewar, Sir Menzies Campbell, Charles Kennedy and George Younger have also received honorary degrees from Glasgow University.

Speaking ahead of the event, Mr Brown said: "I feel privileged to have been invited to become part of the Glasgow University community.

"It is a distinguished university where Adam Smith came from my home town of Kirkcaldy to lecture and where my late friends John Smith and Donald Dewar studied.''

Mr Brown became an MP in 1983, but announced earlier this year that he was stepping down and he is not contesting next week's General Election.

He was prime minister between 2007 and 2010, and was also Chancellor for a decade previously.

Professor Anton Muscatelli, principal of the University of Glasgow, said: "Gordon Brown graduated from Edinburgh University, where he was also elected as rector whilst still a student.

"Education has continued to be one of his major passions throughout his life.

"As the UN special envoy for global education, Gordon Brown is on record as stating that every child in the world has the right to education and that it is the key to unlocking better health, greater social stability, more rights and opportunities for women and a higher standard of living.

"It is indeed fitting that we recognise Gordon Brown as a political statesman and as an advocate for global action to ensure education for all.

"We look forward to conferring an honorary degree on Gordon Brown and to the lecture that he will deliver.''