Imams Condemn Assisted Suicide Bill

26 May 2015, 07:20

Assisted suicide is prohibited under Islamic law and should not be introduced in Scotland, the Council of Imams Scotland said.

The Scottish Parliament is considering making it lawful to assist people with terminal or debilitating conditions to end their own life, under a Bill introduced by MSP Margo MacDonald shortly before her death in 2014 after a long battle with Parkinson's Disease.

But the spiritual leaders of Scotland's 80,000-strong Muslim community have written to MSPs urging them to vote against assisted suicide legislation, which comes before Holyrood tomorrow.

The Imams said: "Life is a divine gift and trust that cannot be terminated by any form of active or passive voluntary intervention by the patient, physician or family members.

"All Muslim scholars unanimously agree that this action is strongly prohibited under the Islamic law.

"Any person assisting in this matter is also carrying out a prohibited act.

"Islamic Jurisprudence based on the principles of the Holy Quran and prophetic traditions does not under any circumstances recognise a person's right to die voluntarily.

"Muslims strongly believe all human life is sacred because it has been granted by Allah."

The Imams say assisted suicide will put vulnerable people at risk, subject them to physical and mental coercion and lead to "incremental extension" and "mission creep", fearing some practitioners will extend the categories of those who could be eligible for assisted suicide.