Judo Star Showing Signs Of Awareness

28 May 2016, 09:08 | Updated: 28 May 2016, 09:10

Doctors in Thailand say Stephanie Inglis is showing signs of awareness as they try to bring her out of her coma but she has developed a DVT in her arm which may need surgery.

Commonwealth medalist Stephanie Inglis, who's 27, and from Inverness, suffered head injuries when her skirt caught in the wheel of a motorcycle taxi and pulled her off the bike.

She was travelling to work teaching English in Ha Long when the accident happened on May 12.

Doctors in Vietnam gave her a 1% chance of survival but earlier this week she was deemed well enough to be transferred to hospital in Bangkok.

Medical staff in the Thailand capital are now trying to bring the Glasgow 2014 silver medalist her round from her coma.

A post on the SaveSteph Facebook page said doctors have got her pnuemonia under control but she has developed a DVT on her arm as a result of the intravenous drip which had been left in the same position since she was admitted to hospital in Vietnam.

The statement said: "Doctors believe that her head injury is beginning to heal and over the next 48 hours are significantly reducing her sedation in an attempt to wake Stephanie from her medically-induced coma, so they have a better understanding of the extent of her injury.

"They have stressed that this can take days or weeks and not to expect instant results, but believe it is a vital next step.''

It added: "Stephanie is still in a very critical condition but thanks to everyone who is supporting her we have given her the best chance of recovery.''

More than 6,700 people had donated more than £242,000 to fundraising campaign set up by Ms Inglis' childhood friend and judo competitor Khalid Gehlan to help pay for her medical bills as her travel insurance had been deemed invalid and her hospital stay was costing £2,000 a day.