Karen Buckley Killer's Flat For Rent

22 September 2015, 12:36 | Updated: 22 September 2015, 12:41

A Glasgow flat where killer Alexander Pacteau tried to hide an Irish student's body is going on the rental market.

The property in Dorchester Avenue has been empty since the 21 year old was convicted of murdering Karen Buckley.

He's currently serving a minimum 23 year sentence.

The 21 year old met Karen while on a night out, before attacking her in his car in April.

He then took her body to the flat where he tried to dispose of the remains in chemicals.

Estate Agents are now looking for potential tenants after the property was refurbished.

They are asking for £675 a month for the 3 bedroom West End flat.

Laura McGee, from Thompsons Solicitors said "I certainly think something like that happening in a flat would affect most people's decision to rent the property.

"The landlord should be making it aware to any potential tenants at the earliest opportunity what's happened in the flat.

"I would imagine that this would affect his ability to rent the flat in future."