Labour 'To Retain Second Place At Holyrood'

23 April 2016, 07:32

Scottish Labour are on course to narrowly retain their place as Holyrood's second party, according to a "poll of polls'' compiled by public affairs firm Weber Shandwick.

It has averaged the results of six opinion polls conducted during April, and analysed the results using its seat predictor

For the constituency vote, the poll of polls puts the SNP on 52.8%, Scottish Labour on 20%, Conservatives on 16.8% and the Liberal Democrats on 5.8%.

For the regional vote, the SNP are on 45.3%, Scottish Labour 19%, Conservatives 17%, Liberal Democrats 5.6%, Greens 8.8% and Ukip on 3.75%.

When plugged in to the seat predictor, the results show that the SNP are set to take 72 seats - an increase of three seats from 2011.

Scottish Labour drops 14 seats to 23 MSPs, with the Conservatives up four on 19 seats. The Liberal Democrats would add one seat taking them to six, while Holyrood would see nine Green MSPs elected.

Weber Shandwick's Conor Magowan said: "Following a slick manifesto launch today's poll of polls rounds off a good week for SNP election strategists. Adding three more MSPs to SNP ranks after nine years of Government would be an impressive achievement.

"Labour will be counting on a manifesto launch bump to boost their polling fortunes but it remains tight between them and the Conservatives. While the Tories are set to remain in third position, the biggest risers will be the Greens.''