Man Hurt After Men Try To Steal His Dog

21 July 2015, 18:07 | Updated: 21 July 2015, 18:36

A man needed hospital treatment after two attackers tried to steal his dog for the second time in just over a week.

The 77-year-old was walking his German Shepherd in a grassy area behind the Bullfrog Pub on Shields Road, Motherwell, when he was assaulted by the men just after 3pm yesterday.

He was treated for a serious cut to his arm at Wishaw General Hospital before being released.

It comes just over a week after he was attacked by two men in a similar incident in the North Lanarkshire town.

Police appealed for information about the incidents.

Detective constable Jacqui McCann said: "We believe that the man involved was the intended target and that the men were trying to steal his dog.

"It's the second time in just over a week that he has been attacked. The first time was around 3.30pm on Friday July 10, when he was approached by who he believes to be the same men in Shields Glen, Motherwell.

"On this occasion he was hit on the head by the men but not injured - again he believes they tried to get his dog.

"He walks his dog in the same place every day and at the same time - so if the intent is to steal his dog, the suspects will know his routine.

"It is very possible that they have been hanging about the area for the past while and so people may have seen them there.

"This is the first instance of this (attempting to steal a dog) we have come across, but obviously if anyone else has been approached or seen the two men then please come forward.

"These men have obviously no issue with using violence. It was a very frightening and particularly nasty attack, and it is imperative that we trace those responsible.''

The two suspects are both white, clean-shaven men aged 25 to 30.

One has short hair and was wearing a grey tracksuit top and white trainers while the other has short brown hair and was wearing a black hooded top, light trousers and white trainers.

Both men are believed to speak with a local accent.