Man Hurt In Shooting Was Targeted In Car

13 March 2017, 19:13 | Updated: 13 March 2017, 19:14


A man shot in an attempted murder was targeted as he reversed his car out of his driveway, police have said.

The 42-year-old was pulling out on to Honeywell Drive in Stepps, near Glasgow, when he was shot by someone in a white Audi estate which appeared at his side window.

He was shot through the window of his grey Skoda Octavia, which shattered, and suffered an injury to his left forearm.

A number of shots, possibly four or five, were heard in the area, police said.

After the shooting, which happened at around 9.05pm on Sunday, the Audi made off at speed down Honeywell Drive and on to Dewar Road.

A burnt-out white Audi estate was later recovered at Hogarth Park in the Haghilll area and will undergo forensic examination.

The injured man contacted emergency services and was taken by ambulance to hospital where he is in stable condition awaiting surgery.

Police described it as a targeted attack, but said it is too early to say whether it is linked to other recent incidents.

Detective Superintendent Kenny Graham said: ''We are in the process of establishing the motive for this incident and we are looking at a number of lines of inquiry. We do believe the victim was the intended target.

''Understandably, local residents will be concerned by this event, however, be assured, a team of experienced detectives is dedicated to this inquiry to establish the full circumstances of the crime and trace whoever is responsible.''

Detectives appealed for information, particularly from anyone with information on the Audi. It is not known how many people were in it.

Forensic officers have been searching the scene and surrounding areas, but no ammunition or weapon have been found.

Police said additional officers will be patrolling the area to reassure local people.

It is the latest in a string of recent incidents in the city.

Last Thursday, a 34-year-old man was shot in Shawhill Road in the Shawlands area. Police are treating the incident as attempted murder.

In January, Ross Monaghan, 35, was shot in the back outside St George's Primary in the Penilee area after he dropped off his child.

He was approached by a man pushing an empty buggy who pulled out a gun and fired at him before fleeing along Hollybush Road.

Police said they are believed to be ''targeted incidents''.

Mr Graham said: ''There has been a number of incidents over the last few months and I completely understand that people are concerned that these are happening in residential areas, often in daylight and near schools.

''Public safety is our priority and we have additional high-visibility patrols in the areas concerned and officers are engaging with local communities and businesses.''

He added: ''It's too early to say whether these incidents are linked but I remain open-minded and will explore every avenue.

''However, at the moment, there's nothing to suggest that there is any link to the incident in Shawlands last week and this incident in Stepps.''