Man Jailed For 'Gerbil' Murder

A man's been jailed for life for the murder of Kevin 'Gerbil' Carroll in Glasgow.

Thirty-five-year-old William Paterson was found guilty at the High Court in Glasgow after almost three weeks of being on trial.

Paterson denied murdering Mr Carroll, 29, by gunning him down at the Asda car park in Robroyston, Glasgow, on January 13, 2010.

He claimed he was at his girlfriend Sarah Maguire's house in Linn Gardens, Cumbernauld at the time of the shooting but the jury rejected his alibi.

He was convicted of murder and a number of firearms charges.

Passing a minimum sentence of 22 years behind bars Judge Lord Armstrong told Paterson: "On the evidence this court has heard this murder appears to have been premeditated, planned carried out by you and others in the most calculated way.

"It was not a spontaneous event which happened in the spur of the moment, it was in effect an execution."

He said Carroll was murdered in the "most vicious and brutal" way.

The judge added that it was carried out in a public car park where "ordinary members of the public were going about their everyday business" and "put at risk of gunfire".

The trial heard Paterson's DNA was discovered on the handle of a Tesco bag that a gun used to assassinate Mr Carroll was found in.

And a phone expert showed that a mobile -which turned out to be Paterson's - was traced to the car park Asda seconds before the shooting at 1.23pm.

A phone call made to the phone at the crucial time placed him at the scene and was a "breakthrough" in the police investigation.

He is the first person to be convicted of murder charge after the trial of Ross Monaghan collapsed due to a lack of evidence in 2012.

Mr Paterson left Scotland for Spain on January 23, 2010, before suspicion fell on him and an international warrant was put out for his arrest in August that year.

He contacted lawyers in June 2014 and agreed to return to Scotland to face the charges against him.

The execution of gangland figure Kevin 'Gerbil' Carroll shocked Scotland.

The assassination was carried out by two masked gunmen at lunchtime in the supermarket car park in front of shocked shoppers including women and children.

It is not known if Paterson was one of the gunmen, or driving the Volkswagen Golf that was traced from travelling Asda, to Coatbridge where the weapons were dumped under shrubbery.

The car was later found on fire on a country road by a farmer in Glenmavis, North Lanarkshire.

The professional hit took just 25 seconds from start to finish.

When Mr Paterson was returned from Spain, his DNA was taken and a DNA profile matching his, was discovered on the handle of a bag one of the guns was found in.

Cellsite data from a mobile phone used by Paterson on the day of the murder placed him in Asda after being in the Cumbernauld area.

He was then traced to Coatbridge where the guns were dumped and was back in Cumbernauld by 2.11pm - before the burnt out Volkswagen used in the crime was found burning in a country road in nearby Glenmavis.