Men jailed for abducting and attacking teenager

5 September 2018, 19:16


Two men have been jailed for abducting and assaulting a teenage boy as he walked home from a shop.

Anthony Wright and Christopher Rennie forced the 14-year-old victim into a flat in Renfrew in January and subjected him to a "terrifying and sustained assault", police said.

The victim managed to escape when he was taken to his home and ordered to steal money from his mother.

On Wednesday, Police Scotland said Wright, 23, was sentenced to seven years in prison and Rennie, 27, was jailed for six years and nine months at the High Court in Glasgow having been convicted of abduction, assault and robbery last month.

Both men will be supervised for two years after they are released from prison.

Detective Chief Inspector Fil Capaldi said: "These two despicable individuals preyed on an innocent teenage boy who was simply making his way home from the shop.

"They blindfolded, assaulted and terrorised him, subjecting him to a sickening and degrading assault, and made him genuinely fear for his life.

"This crime truly shocked members of the public who were left absolutely disgusted at what these individuals did. They are clearly a danger to society and have no place in our community.

"Thankfully the victim saw an opportunity to escape and alert the police, and detectives were able to swiftly apprehend the perpetrators and secure vital evidence.

"I hope that today's outcome, which reflects the gravity of the crime, provides some closure to the victim and his family, and will enable them to move past this horrific experience."