Met Office Staff In Pay Strike

26 February 2015, 06:24 | Updated: 26 February 2015, 06:26

Staff at the Met Office are to stage their first ever pay strike in protest at an ongoing wage freeze.

Members of the Prospect union will walk out for three hours from 2pm from offices including Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Exeter.

Union official Gordon Hutchinson said: "This is an unprecedented strike and shows how strongly people feel about a government pay policy completely at odds with what the prime minister advocates for the private sector.

"David Cameron says successful businesses should give their staff a pay rise, but won't allow the Met Office the freedom to manage its own reward system.''

TV weather forecasters in the union will not be taking part in the strike, while service with implications for safety will be maintained.

A Met Office spokesman said: "We're disappointed that some staff have chosen to take this action but we are confident our robust business continuity measures will reduce the impact of the action.

"We are pleased that Prospect is working with the Met Office to ensure that the threat of industrial action is mitigated for any service where safety of life is at risk - severe weather warnings for example. We recognise the right of staff to take this action based on a legal mandate.''