Moore Invited To Be Games Chieftain

Hollywood star Julianne Moore has been invited to be the chieftain of a Scottish Highland Games in recognition of her recent success at the Oscars.

The screen star scooped the best actress gong for her performance as a woman with Alzheimer's in the film Still Alice.

Moore, 54, is the daughter of a social worker mother who hailed from Greenock in Inverclyde and she recently paid tribute to her Scottish roots at another awards ceremony, the Baftas, earlier this month.

Now an Inverclyde councillor has invited the actress to attend the Gourock Highland games in May recognition of her latest triumph.

Christopher McEleny, leader of the SNP at the council, said: "For years people have travelled from Inverclyde to the rest of the world to settle down. It's great to see Julianne Moore - the daughter of someone who hailed from Inverclyde - win the Oscar for best actress.

"At the recent Bafta awards Ms Moore made recognition to her Scottish roots. I think it is right then that we mark our own recognition by inviting Ms Moore to be the chieftain of our very own Gourock Highland Games here in Inverclyde.

"Many people across the world have ties with Inverclyde and perhaps the Gourock Highland Games could become our own homecoming event. I know Ms Moore has already been spoiled for choice with the offer of a season ticket to watch Greenock Morton at Cappielow as well as a guided tour by the Provost but maybe the prospect of a Highland games here in Inverclyde would be too good to miss.''

In addition to the Oscar, Moore has also won a Bafta and a Golden Globe for her role in Still Alice, which tells the story of Alice Howland, a professor at Columbia University who develops a rare form of Alzheimer's at the age of 50.

At the Bafta ceremony, the actress said she owed her success to five Scottish women, including her late mother Anne, who ``poured love'' in to her.

The 59th Gourock Highland Games will take place on the afternoon of May 10.