Most Scots Back Holyrood For IndyRef2 Decision, Poll Finds

31 March 2017, 12:26


The majority of Scots think the Scottish Parliament should have the right to decide if there should be a second independence referendum, a new poll has found.

The Survation poll for the SNP also found most people do not think Westminster should have the right to block plans for another ballot.

The findings were published as First Minister Nicola Sturgeon sent a formal request to the Prime Minister asking for powers to hold a referendum.

It followed a vote at Holyrood in which MSPs backed seeking permission for a referendum to take place between autumn 2018 and spring 2019.

The UK Government has already indicated the request will be declined.

Survation questioned 1,014 people between March 28 and 29.

The pollster found 53% think the Scottish Parliament should have the right to decide if there should be a referendum in Scotland that would allow the people to choose between Brexit and independence while 35% believe the decision is for Westminster. A further 12% said they did not know.

With ''don't knows'' removed, 61% opted for Holyrood, with 39% for Westminster.

Respondents were also asked about the timing of a referendum, with 50% stating the Scottish Parliament should have the right to choose when to hold a vote, compared with 39% for Westminster, and 11% who said they did not know.

When ''don't knows'' were removed, the figures stand at 56% for Holyrood and 44% for Westminster.

Asked if Westminster should have the right to block a plan for a referendum, 39% said yes, 54% said no and 7% did not know. Excluding the don't knows, the figures were 42% yes and 58% no.

A spokesman for the First Minister said: ''This poll shows that, in trying to block a referendum, the UK Tory government is acting against the wishes of the people of Scotland.

''People also think it should be Holyrood and not Westminster which decides whether to give people a choice on their future, and also on when that choice should be offered to them.

''The Prime Minister says that now is not the time for a referendum - we agree with that.

''But people must be given a choice between independence and a hard Brexit when the terms of the deal are known in 18 months to two years from now.

''Any prolonged bid to block people having their say would be undemocratic, unsustainable and run the risk of public opinion turning even more sharply against the Prime Minister.''