MSPs to vote against Parliament prorogation

5 September 2019, 07:38

scottish parliament

MSPs will vote on a motion condemning Boris Johnson's plans to suspend Parliament and rejecting the prospect of a no-deal Brexit at Holyrood.

A motion calling on the Scottish Parliament to agree the UK should not leave the EU without a deal "in any circumstances" is to be debated by MSPs on Thursday afternoon.

Although the motion, put forward by Constitutional Relations Secretary Mike Russell, will have no direct implication for the UK Government, he has said he wants it to "send a message to Boris Johnson" that Scotland rejects the idea of a no-deal Brexit.

Ahead of the vote at Holyrood, Mr Russell said: "Today's debate comes during the biggest crisis in UK politics in living memory and gives all MSPs the opportunity to stand against the arrogant, right-wing cabal that has taken over Downing Street.

"In less than two months' time, unless he is stopped or persuaded to change course, the Prime Minister intends to take Scotland and the UK out of the EU without a deal.

"The UK Government's own evidence tells us that a no-deal exit would result in an economic shock, with a significant short-term impact.

"The people of Scotland didn't vote for Brexit and they certainly didn't vote for the catastrophic no-deal Brexit which the Tory Government is hell-bent on inflicting on us."

Mr Russell also took aim at the Scottish Conservatives, in light of 21 MPs who were kicked out of the party for voting in favour of a Bill seeking to prevent a no-deal Brexit in Westminster.

He added: "In stark contrast to some of their counterparts south of the border, every single Scottish Tory MP backed Boris Johnson's no-deal plan.

"The question the Tories here in Holyrood must answer today is this whose side are they on - the ultra-Brexit fanatics who are seeking to subvert democracy or those who are seeking to defend basic democratic principles?

"Parliament must come together today and send a message to Boris Johnson that under no circumstances should the UK leave the EU without a deal and that we condemn his suspension of the UK Parliament."

The motion also calls for MSPs to condemn the Prime Minister's plan to prorogue Parliament, which was ruled lawful at Edinburgh's Court of Session on Tuesday.