Mums Making Billions For Economy

5 August 2015, 06:15 | Updated: 5 August 2015, 06:16

Businesses set up by mothers are flourishing, generating billions of pounds and supporting thousands of jobs, a new study has found.

Women are running companies from home while looking after their children, often thanks to the internet.

Research by eBay suggested that businesses run by mothers generated over £7 billion for the UK economy last year, supporting over 200,000 jobs, an increase of almost a quarter since 2011.

Jackie Stewart from Howwood in Renfrewshire has 3 children and another 2 on the way.  She started The Great Little Ironing Company three months ago.

She said: "It was always a battle to get time off for work.

"I got fed up of missing important things like sports days and things because I had to work.

"Your confidence does grow with your own business and you are your own boss.

"It motivates you thinking I'm not making money for anyone else but me."

Sarah Calcott of eBay said: "Improved connectivity and growing digital literacy is enabling ambitious, business-minded mums, to realise and pursue successful enterprises.

"These entrepreneurial businesswomen are building impressive companies, creating both wealth and jobs whilst also fulfilling one of the most demanding roles of all - being a mum.''