Paige Doherty's Mum Tells Of Battle To Remain Strong

14 July 2016, 15:50

The mother of teenager Paige Doherty has told how the four months since her daughter's death have been "indescribable''.

Pamela Munro, 32, said she has tried to remain strong for her other children since the 15-year-old was found dead.

Paige was reported missing on Saturday March 19 in Clydebank, West Dunbartonshire, after failing to turn up at her weekend hairdressing job. Her body was found in bushes at the side of Great Western Road in Clydebank two days later.

Mrs Munro told the BBC: "I have three other kids in the house. You can't break down. You have to get up and keep going. I have just focused on positive things.

"I was focused on everybody else. I was trying to be there for the kids and make sure they were okay.

"My wee boy was at the funeral. I couldn't break down then he would break down. I was trying to be strong for him.''

She said Paige's siblings are coping with the tragedy as well as they can, but admitted: "It is hard to watch them. Everybody misses her.''

The family are preparing to launch a charity in the teenager's memory, Paige's Promise, which will provide self-defence classes for children in Clydebank before rolling out across Glasgow. It will also plans to support families affected by a range of tragedies.

Mrs Munro said: "It's just keeping Paige's memory alive. She was always helping other people.

"Everybody always commented on how helpful a wee girl she was and she would always want to give back, and her being taken from us is making us want to do that.

"Not everybody can afford to send their kids to self-defence classes or martial arts classes because it's expensive, so this way it's paid for by Paige's Promise so they don't need to worry about those costs, and they'll know that their child has that basic knowledge on how to defend themselves if something like that was to happen to them.

"I'm not saying it's going to save everybody but it's a bonus.''

The charity will also aim to help families dealing with tragedy.

Mrs Munro added "We've got other kids so they've lost a sibling and there's not much out there for them, so we were thinking like send the family on a holiday or help with funeral costs.

"We were lucky that there was a GoFundMe page set up that helped towards Paige's, but not everybody's got that and funerals are extortionate. You couldn't afford to pay a funeral for a child. It's unexpected and sudden, so we want to help with costs like that.''

She added: "There's a big void with all of us, so speaking about her, we know she's not there but it's keeping her with us.''

John Leathem, 31, has appeared in court charged with Paige's murder and was remanded in custody ahead of his next appearance.