Plane makes emergency landing in Edinburgh

19 September 2017, 15:52

edinburgh airport image

A flight from Paris to Aberdeen has made an emergency landing at Edinburgh Airport.

The aircraft landed safely at around noon on Tuesday, an airport spokesman said.

There were no reports of any injuries.

The fire service said they were on standby during the incident.

The Hop flight was travelling to Scotland from Charles de Gaulle Airport.

A statement from Hop said: "We can confirm that flight AF1272 from Paris Charles de Gaulle to Aberdeen operated by an Embraer 170 signalled the activation of the flight control alarm.

"The crew handled the situation in accordance with the procedures of the company and the manufacturer by diverting the aircraft to Edinburgh, the nearest airport where it landed normally.

"The crew is regularly trained to deal with this type of situation and the 70 passengers on board were assisted by the local commercial team and transported by bus to Aberdeen.

"The company regrets the inconvenience faced by its customers and reminds that the safety of the passengers remains its priority."