Plane Makes Emergency Landing

7 May 2015, 15:33 | Updated: 7 May 2015, 15:36

An American Airlines plane has made an emergency landing after diverting to Scotland.

The Boeing 767, with 158 passengers on board, was travelling from Frankfurt in Germany to Dallas in the US when it experienced problems.

It diverted to Glasgow Airport and landed safely just after midday.

Emergency services attended as a precaution.

Sascha Siekmann was on board, and says everyone stayed calm: "There was no panic, it was absolutely quiet.

"There was actually a loud cheer after the landing, and all the passengers definitelty gave the captain a hand after he finished making his announcement."

Mr Siekmann was on his way home to Oregon and says he knew instantly that something was wrong: "The plane made a very peculiar motion and I thought, that's definitely not turbulence.

"I felt that the wings were actually tipping quite a bit, it was literally wobbling. It was making an 'up and down' motion and then I heard that one of the engines basically was being shut down.

"Within a few minutes the captain came on the PA and said 'we're going to have a detour, we're going to land at Heathrow'.  A few minutes later another announcement came in, 'we're not going to go to Heathrow, we're going to to Glasgow and have an emergency landing there'.

"We were down within 20 minutes.  It didn't feel like a super-urgent descent, nothing was really out of the ordinary, except that we were on only one engine.  That was noticeable when we landed,  I'd say it was one of the harder landings."

A Glasgow Airport spokesman said: "At approximately 12.05pm, Flight AA71 operated by American Airlines travelling from Frankfurt to Dallas diverted to Glasgow Airport.

"The aircraft landed safely and was met on arrival by emergency services as a precautionary measure.

"Glasgow Airport remained open and operational throughout."

American Airlines released a statement confirming the flight had been diverted "due to a mechanical issue".
The company said: "The flight, operated by a Boeing 767-300, carrying 158 passengers, landed in Glasgow at approximately 12.05pm without incident.

"American Airlines would like to apologise for the inconvenience caused to the passengers on board, and will make every effort to re-accommodate them at the earliest possible opportunity."