PM Open To Devolution Powers Debate

15 May 2015, 12:37

David Cameron has said he does not rule out making further changes to new powers that are planned for Scotland if "sensible suggestions'' are made.

The Prime Minister said there would be a fresh look at plans to give Holyrood powers over welfare, to make sure that these reflect the agreement reached by the cross-party Smith Commission.

He spoke out after meeting face-to-face with Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon for the first time since last week's general election, which saw the Conservatives win a unexpected majority across the UK.

But they only have one MP north of the border while the SNP swept the board, claiming 56 of the 59 constituencies up for grabs north of the border.

Holyrood's Devolution Committee said yesterday that the current plans to transfer more power north failed to meet both "the spirit or the substance'' of the Smith Agreement

Mr Cameron said his government would "make sure it really is Smith'' adding: "We're going to look again at welfare and make sure the clauses reflect what that agreement was.''

He added: "The First Minister wants to send some proposals for me to look at and I'm happy to examine proposals, there's going to be a debate, of course there will be a debate.

"I don't rule out making other changes if sensible suggestions are made.''