Police unit first of its kind in UK

29 September 2018, 10:16 | Updated: 29 September 2018, 10:21

Police Scotland

Police in Scotland have launched a specialist unit to help co-ordinate the response in the event of major incidents such as terror attacks or severe floods.

The major incident support co-ordination unit based at Gartcosh in North Lanarkshire is said to be the first of its kind in the UK.

It brings together different elements of the police response system such as victim and casualty identification and incident room support.

Police chiefs moved to co-ordinate resources more efficiently following the terror attacks in London and Manchester last year.

Detective Chief Superintendent Clark Cuzen, heads of the new unit, said: "After feedback from last year's terror attacks, we devised a central department that would provide a single point of contact for police officers and partners.

"Previously there could be difficulties communicating with each other, co-ordinating resources and a lack of understanding of each individual discipline.

"This unit means there's a more joined-up approach and information can be shared quicker among emergency services and to the public.

"We are the first police force in the UK to introduce this unit and I believe this is a positive step towards providing an improved response to any major incident."