Queen To Open New Scotish Parliament Session

23 March 2016, 12:31

The Queen will officially open the new session of the Scottish Parliament on Saturday July 2.

Although MSPs will meet for the first time on Thursday May 12, a day of ceremony and celebration has been planned for the monarch's visit.

Events include a traditional ''riding'' of the Royal Mile, involving about 2,000 people selected to highlight achievements across every constituency and region in Scotland, and an open day for the public inside the Parliament.

The Crown of Scotland will be carried down the Royal Mile from Edinburgh Castle before the Queen addresses Holyrood's debating chamber.

Presiding Officer Tricia Marwick said: "As we look beyond the coming election to the start of the fifth session of the Scottish Parliament, it is right that, once again, the people of Scotland are placed at the heart our events.

"For a young, modern parliament we are fortunate to have centuries of culture and tradition to draw upon as we bring together the people, the Parliament and Her Majesty The Queen.''