Robertson: "No Doubt" About #IndyRef2

17 March 2017, 13:21

Angus Robertson opens SNP conference

SNP depute leader Angus Robertson has said there is "no doubt'' a second referendum on Scottish independence will take place, despite Theresa May insisting "now is not the time'' for such a vote.

Mr Robertson said if Holyrood backs Nicola Sturgeon's bid for a fresh ballot on Wednesday it would be "undemocratic and totally unacceptable'' for this to be denied by Westminster.

Speaking at the start of the SNP spring conference in Aberdeen, he said: "Let there be no doubt - Scotland will have its referendum and the people of this country will have their choice. They will not be denied their say.''

He added: "Scotland's referendum is going to happen and no UK Prime Minister should dare to stand in the way of Scotland's democracy.''